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Quail Valley Environmental Coalition

We’re committed to Quail Valley
The vision of the Quail Valley Environmental Coalition, Inc., is to advance the protection of the valley’s potable water supply and promote public health in the community of Quail Valley, through outreach, advocacy, and environmental stewardship.

The mission of the Quail Valley Environmental Coalition is to advocate for external funding to facilitate a sanitary sewer system in the community of Quail Valley, City of Menifee, to ensure the protection of the potable water supply in Canyon Lake reservoir and to uphold environmental justice for the residents of Quail Valley. 

Quail Valley Environmental Coalition ®
23446 Vista Way Quail Valley,CA 92587
Board of Directors

President:                       Janet Anderson
Vice President:               Matt Leisemeyer
Secretary:-Treasurer:     Nancy Horton

Directors:                       Ben Wicke
                                        Ron Sullivan
                                        Earl McGee
                                        Atanacio Luna
                                        Jonathan Smith
                                        Carlos Rosete

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