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Quail Valley Environmental Coalition

We have made important advances toward the goal of attaining sewer service for Quail Valley with the assistance from Local Industry, City, County, State and Federal programs. Every day we are a little closer to our goal of improving health and sanitation services for our community, with minimal or not cost for our residents. 

This page will provide information about such progress and accomplishments. 
Coalition Attains No Cost Funding Status for Quail Valley
Through a special survey we established that many residents in Quail Valley qualify for no- cost community development programs. This qualification is an important step for acquiring low or no cost grants to start work on Sanitation and Health improvement in the very near future.
Feasibility Study Done
As a Gift from EMWD a study of the field requirements, costing nearly $500,000.00 has been completed. This is a critical component with which we can apply for funding grants from various agencies.

Work May Begin as Soon as 2014
It has not been finalized yet, but there are good indications that we may have grants money to break ground on part of the Sanitation and Health development as soon as the end of 2014. We will post news on this page as developments unfold. 
News and Progress from 
Quail Valley Environmental Coalition
List of Accomplishments

There is myriad of small steps needed to accomplish the complex tasks QVEC is trying to accomplish. The hard work gradually yielding concrete results. Here is a list of some accomplishments. 

​Quail Valley Environmental Coalition Accomplishments since August 2010: 
1.Applied for grants from several non-profits. 

2.Secured assistance for the city of Menifee starting at $10,000 and going to $100,000 for emergency assistance should there be a catastrophic event related to failing septic systems. This grant was from the Bureau of Reclamation, and to be used only when necessary. 

3.City of Menifee has an emergency plan. The Red Cross has a detailed plan for QV with designated schools for shelters and 100 cots. D. Allison has taken the FEMA training. 

4.Fall cleanup of drains and delivery of sandbags at Station 5 for winter, 2011-2012, and 2012-2013. 

5.Organized fall cleanup for 2013-2014. 

6.QVEC applied for a CDBG grant (1-2012). Although the grant was not awarded, the educational process about Quail Valley for the Citizens’ Advisory committee was very valuable. We will apply again. 

7.N. Horton and T. Horton have taken 25 dignitaries on Boat Tours of CL to highlight the need for a sewer system in QV. The next tours will target TMDL cities (councilmembers and staff). 

8.Lori Moss and Nancy Horton met with representatives of Darryl Issa’s office, Mary Bono-Mack’s office and Ken Calvert’s office to bring them up to date on Quail Valley.(2011) We need to do this again because of redistricting. (Melendez, Ruiz) 

9.EMWD regularly visits Sacramento and Washington, D.C. where dialog takes place about funding for QV. EMWD applied for $5,000,000 grant to help build Area 9, but it was turned down because, with Canyon Heights included, QV did not qualify as a disadvantaged community. 

10.EMWD will apply again asking for Canyon Heights to be carved out since it is already sewered. After completion of a community survey, QV qualified as a severely Disadvantaged Community. (9-2012) 

11.The City of Menifee hired Elan Associates to design a plan for a sewer system of Area 4. It was not funded because even if the sewer lines were built, there is no sewer system to connect to close to Area 4. (2011) 

12.In the fall of 2011, QVEC decided it could no longer afford an Executive Director. Since Enchanted Heights has a completed sewer system, that leaves QV at the top of the priority list for state funding. (2012) 

13.QVEC received $2500.00 from Supervisor Ashley’s office in 2012 to support our outreach and grant writing. 

14.Continued the effort to straighten out the IRS application for 501 c3 status. We have repeted notification that the application is being reviewed; 2-19-2013, 5-2013, 7-2013, and 3-2014. 

15.QVEC conducted its 5th community meeting at QV Elementary School (4-17-2013) 

16.EMWD received a grant of $1.9 million for Phase I of the QV sewer system in Area 9, with funding expected to start in 2014. 

17.Website launched in July, 2013. 

18.New President: J. Anderson, 4/2013. Currently board membership is at 7, 3 new members were added in 2013. There are three QV residents, one former QV resident, and one new Menifee resident as board members. 

19. Attained IRS recognition as 501 c3 group. This is essential to apply for grants, and other government programs to attain moneys to build the critical sewer infrastructure for Quail Valley.

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